I think it’s when you truly love a person that your brain comes to this conclusion that your heart finally beats for this one guy, this one, absolutely amazing man. And this guy, he makes you smile all day long, and he hugs you when he sees you, with meaning, not just for show. And he holds your hand in public, because he’s proud of you, not just to do it. And he goes over to your house on a Friday night instead of going to a party, not just because he had nothing else to do, but because he’d rather be with you, than be with a bunch of fake friends.
I think it’s when you finally realize, that this one person, this one amazing guy that God put in your life, isn’t going to be taken away from you like all the other ones were.
I think this is when you know, you really, truly know, that this person, this one amazing boy, with blonde hair and brown eyes, is yours’ forever.
When You Realize